The transcript between Baltimore reporters and Browns quarterback Derek Anderson, a one-time sixth-round pick of the Ravens:

On if he wonders how his career would have changed had he remained with the Ravens:


"Not really. Possibly last year it would have probably been a little while until I got a chance to play, or who knows what would have happened. But I don't really dwell on it or think about it."

On whether his performance this season surprised him:

"No, not really. I'm just happy the way the guys responded after all the things we went through in the beginning of the season and just kind of came in and played and rallied around me and had confidence in me. It's a good feeling."

On if he remembers a particular play or game when he felt things came together for him:

"Obviously, Week 2 with Cincinnati, that was the first game that I started after they traded Charlie [Frye], we went out and had a good game and got a lot of confidence from that game."

On how well he feels the Browns' system suits his playing style:

"It [suits] certain throws or certain plays, but I played in a similar system in college with [Oregon State] Coach [Mike] Riley. Obviously, [it was] not exactly the same. 'Chud' [Browns offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski] has different ideas and different ways of doing things, but a similar system and similar things."

On his memories of his time in Baltimore:

"I had a great time. I still stay in touch with Kyle [Boller], Adam Terry and a bunch of those guys. Actually, I ran into Coach [Rick] Neuheisel and Kyle out in Oregon this offseason."

On who is the better golfer, he or Kyle Boller:

"I haven't really played with him for a little while, but I'm going to go ahead and say I'll beat him next time we play [golf]."

On his reaction to being picked up by the Browns after being waived by Baltimore:

"Actually, I hadn't anticipated the possibility of leaving. I wasn't too fired up about it at first. I had some friends [in Baltimore] and didn't know what was going to happen. But, I just got on a plane and came here, and I've really enjoyed it since I got here."

On how much help the success of WR Braylon Edwards this season has helped his maturation as quarterback:


"It's been great. Like I said, once I got in there they were making plays for me, and they said, 'Hey, we've got you, we're going to go after balls.' And they know I'm going to give them chances to make plays. The whole process has been good."

On whether he thinks about his future given the Browns first-round pick, Brady Quinn, and his status as an unrestricted free agent: "Not really. Obviously, those things kind of take care of themselves when the season's over."

On approaching this week after the difficult loss to the Steelers last Sunday:

"I just come in and do the things we've been doing. We had some positives in the first half last week and did a lot of good things. We just didn't finish the game. Obviously, the guys were down a little bit, just the disappointment of it, but I thought guys came in today and practiced hard and had a pretty good one."

On the confidence level of the Brown's offense: "I think when 'Chud' first got here, the guys put effort and work into understanding it and going out there and executing it. [He is] our third or fourth offensive coordinator here in three years or whatever the heck. Obviously, to have him here and the success we've had with his offense, I think guys are pretty excited about it."

On how close he feels the Browns are to reaching their offensive potential:

"Obviously, we've shown what we can do at times, but I think [we just need to] keep working at it. I don't think we have anything to get our heads down about, but just to keep plugging away and keep learning from our mistakes and growing within our system."

On the feelings of the team given the chance the Browns could be a playoff contender:

"We're focused on Baltimore right now, and that's our mindset."