Guest blogger John-John Williams IV reports:

Ambreal's nine lives ran out in the last episode and she was finally eliminated. After hovering near the bottom two spots for the past couple of weeks it was time for her to go. Don't feel too bad for Ambreal. She's a Howard University grad. She'll end up just fine. (Real objective….)


Anywho, this was the crash and burn episode.

Heather had serious problems reciting a few words during a fashion show and was completely horrible. Lisa was also a mess. It was hard to watch both girls. They have such a presence, yet they are so lack in self-confidence. I think that both girls need to relax a bit, and believe in themselves. (Check out the video and watch the girls crash and burn.)

Maybe our pair of self-esteemers need to steal whatever is running through Saleisha's veins. The girl is not lacking in self-confidence. That inner-strength is helping her win challenges. Just look at how she tore up that runway in the most recent show. She did a good job delivering her little speech and she was on fire when she worked that runway.

The contestants then went to the desert for a photo shoot a la Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

The most important thing was the judge's reactions to the girls this week.

They were almost in total agreement about giving Ambreal the boot. They were also pretty high on Jenah and Saleisha. Bianca got some good comments.

The girls also found out that they are heading to China. That should be interesting. I never really associated China and couture. Oh well… The previews forecast more problems for Heather and Lisa during their CoverGirl shoot.

Speaking of CoverGirl… Did anyone catch Jaslene's most recent CoverGirl commercial. The commercial included clips of Last year's Top Model winner signing autographs at Wal-Mart!!!! What the heck was that about? A Top Model should be endorsing Chanel, and Cavalli, not the low, low prices of cheese and crackers. Call me a snob if you want. I'll just call myself right.

Keep catwalking!!!!!