A woman has accused New Jersey Nets guard Jason Kidd of harassing and groping her this month at a trendy Manhattan club. Police confirmed a woman, 23, filed a complaint against another club patron on Oct. 11, a day after she claims to have been harassed and groped.

Meanwhile, Knicks coach Isiah Thomas issued a statement saying, "I wasn't anywhere near that place!"


Before attempting to retrieve memorabilia he claims belongs to him, O.J. Simpson allegedly said, "Just bring some firearms."

Followed quickly by, "Has anyone seen my other glove?"

My prediction: Josh Beckett will bring the Red Sox back into the ALCS. This one's a long way from being over.

The Orioles aren't saying it, but as a few of you noted, it's apparent that they view new pitching coach Rick Kranitz as the opposite of Leo Mazzone in personality and ability to get the most out of the young arms.

This quote from manager Dave Trembley said it all: "What he brings to us is a level of expertise in mechanics, the ability to adapt to different styles of pitching and a real good communicator, which is something I think is going to be real important because I'd expect that we would basically have a very young pitching staff."

So does that mean we shouldn't hold our breath for a veteran No. 2 starter?

I wonder how the bonding process will go between Kranitz and Erik Bedard, who once told Mazzone that he hated all his pitching coaches. They eventually got along pretty good, however.

Guys like Bedard and Mike Mussina don't want to be bothered, for the most part. They know what they need to do out there and aren't looking for a whole lot of input and interference. That said, Bedard certainly seemed to thrive under Mazzone, who was a huge supporter and placed Bedard in some pretty select company when he made comparisons to Tom Glavine.

Mazzone believes Bedard could have won the Cy Young if the left-hander hadn't gotten hurt. He'll be an early favorite in 2008.

I was late getting to bed last night because I stayed up listening to live Crack the Sky on YouTube. Thanks to those of you who pointed me in the right direction.

Now I need to find the White Music CD and I'll be set.