You're still talking about it.

And I still haven't seen a replay of it (Note to Debbie Yow: Maybe the construction to Tyser Tower can include a nice flat screen TV above my seat? OK, I'll settle for a cheap one, as long as I don't need to use the binoculars to see it).


The blog comments are overflowing about the controversial calls in the Virginia game, and so is my inbox. (I can read your e-mails, so no, I'm not blind).

Here's some fresh news for you, though: The Terps' Nov. 3 game at UNC is set for 3:45 p.m. and will be on ESPNU (I know, I know, you don't get that channel, and no, you can't come over).

First, though, the Terps have to face Clemson this weekend, and Maryland can thank Jeff Quinton for e-mailing me some "bulletin blog" material.  My prediction will pale in comparison to James Davis, who guaranteed a Clemson win. 

In order to have a chance at beating Clemson, Maryland first has to let the UVA game go -- something the fans apparently haven't been able to do. And I thought the Wake Forest game was bad. You guys make me feel like a bartender sometimes.

Go ahead, vent. Have another.

I can't stop thinking about the egregious officiating mistake on the 4th and 4 play. Simpson extended the ball as he was OUT OF BOUNDS. No part of the ball ever reached the marker in bounds. How could they miss that in the replay booth as well?
Despite the officiating, the Terps should have put the game away when they had a chance, another frustrating example of their inability to close out games.
One last note, I had to turn the TV volume off because the "love fest" between Mark Jones, Bob Davie, and the Cavaliers. Even my wife commented (as she was reading a book) how slanted the coverage seemed. Ugh!!
Have a great week!!
J.M. Jardina
Class of 92'

J.M., Borrow your wife's book to take your mind off of that game.

I'm surprised it took so long for somebody to call out Maryland defensive coordinator Chris Cosh -- not because Maryland's defense has been horrific (room for improvement, sure) -- but because it seems to be the trendy thing to do.  

"When will Fridge address the pitiful def. coordinator Cosh? As a PSU fan, you know the importance of a strong Defensive coordinator [Sanduski]. The team will continue to give games away at the end [Wake, Va] as long as Cosh is there."
First of all, I was in the press box for Penn State games, not in the stands. Second, I DO know the importance of a strong defensive coordinator (Tom Bradley, Mickey Andrews, Jon Tenuta).
Here are the Terps' latest numbers under Cosh: Maryland is 10th in the ACC in total defense (358.6 yards per game); 10th in rushing defense (153.1); seventh in pass defense (205.4); eighth in scoring defense (22 points per game).
They're blitzing more than you probably think. While it's not always a full-on blitz, watch more closely for the number of times they bring an extra guy.

Gene from Tampa had an interesting question about Maryland's situation on the offensive line. In case you missed today's paper, Ralph Friedgen said yesterday that Jaimie Thomas' injury is even worse than Andrew Crummey's and he'll be out for at least eight weeks and needs surgery.

There's this from Gene:

"Coach Friedgen continues to indicate a shortage of o-linemen and that he is down to 5. Why doesn't he use some of the many freshmen linemen on the roster? In the Virginia game the
announcers repeatedly said how many freshmen were being used by the Virginia. Why can't Maryland do a similar thing?"

Gene, it's as simple as this: They're not ready to play yet, physically or mentally. The problem is they might have to.

This next guy, a self-proclaimed College Football Genius (the caps were his idea), actually is a very smart man:

"Heather ... saw you on TV and I actually thought you made sense."

Great minds think alike.


And this next guy isn't one of them. Harry's the guy who wanted to know if I could see.

Have you even watched the video?  It clearly shows the ball in Simpson's possession well over the goal before it comes out.  Also, here is an SI photo, does it look like it is out?  Is it in the runner's possession?  Does MD pay your salary or encourage you to tell tales and spin out propaganda?  What planet do you live on?  Maybe you need to show this to Big Ralphie at lunch tomorrow when he shows you some photo-shopped picture of a fictional event.  I always thought your paper has one of the best sports sections in the country, but not with the kind of junk you just put out.

Thanks for adding to it.