I know it's not a fresh idea, but has anyone out there participated in a Mitchell Report Fantasy Draft?

Pick a player at each position (including three outfielders), three starting pitchers and three relievers that you think will be included in the report once the names are released. You also can have a designated hitter. But none of your selections can come from the list of players whose names have been made public.


It's most challenging when you have a group at your table and you're taking turns making your selections, just like a regular fantasy draft.

For a tie-breaker, pick one player that you'd consider the most shocking if his name appears, and receive extra points. Everyone in your group must agree on the selection. In other words, no bonus points for Mark McGwire or Sammy Sosa.

In my opinion, the Royals made a solid choice when they hired Trey Hillman as manager. I've heard great things about him from people who tracked his 13 seasons managing in the Yankees' organization. His Nippon Ham Fighters are competing in the Japan World Series.

Better Hillman than another retread.

If you're a Phillies fan, expect your team to make a serious run at third baseman Mike Lowell if the Red Sox don't re-sign him. Philadelphia's third basemen - primarily Wes Helms, Greg Dobbs and Abraham Nunez - combined for 11 home runs this season, the second-fewest in the National League behind Pittsburgh (10). Their 76 RBIs were the third-lowest.

Yes, the Orioles could have acquired Mike Lowell during the A.J. Burnett talks when both played for the Marlins, but there were serious concerns about the guy. His health, his salary, his declining production, rumors that he could end up on the above-mentioned list. It seemed wise to avoid him. The Marlins were trying to unload him for a reason. Perhaps both sides were wrong, but it was understandable at the time.

I had a reader ask if Rockies second baseman Jamey Carroll was related to former Reds reliever Clay Carroll, who pitched against the Orioles in the 1970 World Series. I can't find any reference to them being father-son. If anyone knows otherwise, please pass it along.

Jamey is part of a cool trivia question: Who scored the last run for the Montreal Expos before the franchise relocated to Washington D.C.?