I have hundreds of errands to run today, but I refuse to leave my house until Matt Holliday touches home plate.

Call me stubborn.


The Orioles need an eighth-inning set-up man and a closer next season. Should Jorge Julio wait by the phone?

And speaking of the Orioles, their steroid roll call also includes the immortal Robert Machado, Damian Moss and Darnell McDonald. None of these guys were known to be juiced while they played here, and none of them benefitted from it. Performance enhanced? Yeah, right. I'm still waiting. But the threesome was, indeed, busted in the past, and it serves as another strange coincidence.

Who's next, their Gulf Coast League backup catcher?

It just proves that this stuff was going on everywhere. The Orioles just happen to sign a lot of guys who have made the rounds - McDonald, their former first-round pick being an exception. Teams shied away from him in the 1997 draft because he had a football scholarship at the University of Texas.

It's the Orioles who should have passed (OK, McDonald was a running back, but I'm going with it anyway).

I'm still a little groggy, but did I hear Tom Brady on SportsCenter refer to Randy Moss as "a professional?"

Or did he say, "Great receiver when motivated?" My ears might be clogged.

Meanwhile, I'm just getting word from a friend of mine in Colorado that Matt Holliday was spotted inside a local Denny's this morning. He ordered the Grand Slam breakfast, and the waitress warned him not to touch the plate.

Another coincidence.