Not only is Vinny Testaverde back in the league, but there's a chance he'll start Sunday for the Carolina Panthers against Arizona.


And there's a further chance that before Sunday is over, we'll have Testaverde, who turns 44 next month, dueling Tim Rattay -- two guys who were no closer to the NFL than their big screen TVs four days ago.

So this is how it goes for teams who don't have Brett Favre, Payton Manning or Tom Brady on their rosters:

The Panthers' first-string QB, Jake Delhomme, faces season-ending elbow surgery, and Carolina backup David Carr came away from the last game with a back injury and didn't practice today. Third-stringer Matt Moore is an undrafted rookie who did complete a 43-yarder last weekend against New Orleans but who the Panthers apparently don't think they can send to the store and bring back correct change.

Hence, Vinny -- a former Raven, Brown, Buccaneer, Jet (twice), Cowboy, Patriot  and Pottsville Maroon (just kidding about Pottsville)-- is a candidate to be the Panthers' starter against the Cardinals.

And this sets up an intriguing possibility because Arizona just signed the unemployed Rattay as a backup to Kurt Warner with Matt Leinart out for the year (broken collarbone). In fact, Rattay beat out Testaverde in a tryout with the Cards early this week for that job. So, should something (heaven forbid) happen to Warner ...

Hoo-boy, how would you like to be the Cardinals if that happens and Testaverde whups you.

Photo credit:  Associated Press