So Joe Torre won't take a $2.5 million pay cut to stay with the Yankees and have his every move second-guessed by ownership and wonder each morning whether he's going to be fired because his team lost two in a row?

There's no pleasing some people.


Don Mattingly's more qualified to be the manager anyway. After all, he…

OK, tell me again why he's the frontrunner.

"We know we can't win the World Series every year, but that's our goal," said Hank Steinbrenner, son of the owner and a prominent member of the front office. "Anything less than that has to be considered unacceptable."

Sounds reasonable enough. Good luck, Don.

The club would want someone with Yankee ties and past managerial experience to serve as bench coach.

Lee Mazzilli, please step forward.

The Mariners released Andy Hargrove, son of the former manager. I guess they wanted to wait until his dad left first.

Andy batted .174 in 40 games with the High Desert Mavericks, who, as far as I know, aren't owned by Mark Cuban.

Sidney Ponson almost signed with the same club until realizing that they weren't called High Dessert.

Former Ravens receiver and first-round pick Travis Taylor signed with the Rams, but only after dropping the pen twice.

Before anyone believes the Orioles and Michael Barrett would be a good fit, consider that ESPN.com's Jason Stark named the catcher NL LVP. As in "Least Valuable Player." The guy didn't get along with anyone and Cubs manager Lou Piniella couldn't unload him fast enough. But at least he threw out seven of 40 basestealers.