I don't think I'm being Paul Revere here in bringing you news of the Red Sox' World Series sweep of Colorado or the undefeated Patriots' 52-7 trouncing of Washington. In fact, Boston's outrageously successful teams have been so good, there may only be one meaningful sports debate -- which is the better team, the Bosox or the Pats (we'll, worry about the Colts' game later).

The team numbers


Red Sox: Tied for the major league's best regular-season record but had the best run differential, outscoring the opposition by 210 runs. In the Series, they led the Rockies for 30 of 36 innings.

Patriots: A perfect 8-0 so far, best in the NFL, and have outscored the opposition, 331-127, and out of 480 minutes of playing time, have trailed for just 18 minutes.

Advantage: Red Sox (only because there's a World Series involved).

Best arm

Red Sox: Josh Beckett (right). Regular season -- 20-7.  Postseason -- 4-0, ERA 1.20.

Patriots: Tom Brady. 30 touchdown passes, 2,431 yards, 74.2 percent completion rate.

Advantage: Patriots' Brady. NO ONE has ever had a season like this.

Big hitter

Red Sox: David Ortiz. .332 in regular season, 35 HRs, 117 RBIs. .370 postseason, 3 HRs, 10 RBIs postseason.

Patriots: Mike Vrabel (left). 7 1/2 sacks, 5 forced fumbles, 2 TD receptions.

Advantage: Patriots (big hitter is more versatile)

Ball chaser

Red Sox: Jacoby Ellsbury. Ninth-inning catch kept potential tying run off base last night. Also won America a free taco with second-game stolen base.

Patriots: Randy Moss. 47 catches, 11 TDs.


Advantage: On sheer numbers, it would be the Patriots but we're giving it to Red Sox for taco giveaway.

Old guy who can still bring it

Red Sox: Curt Schilling. 40 years old. Only 9-8 in regular season but 3-0 in postseason.

Patriots:  Junior Seau.  38 years old. 33 tackles, 3 interceptions, also plays offense on goal line.

Advantage:  Tough call ... both probably going to Hall of Fame. Slight edge to Red Sox because of postseason and bloody sock history.

Celebration dance

Red Sox: Jon Papelbon. Riverdance.

Patriots: No one. NFL has legislated joy into oblivion.

Advantage:  Red Sox, by default.

Button pusher

Red Sox: Terry Francona. Two World Series titles for a team that hadn't won one since the Armistice.

Patriots:  Bill Belichick. Three Super Bowls.

Advantage:  Tie. Numbers may go to Pats but Red Sox button-pusher eminently more likable.

Photo credit: (Vrabel), Ronald Martinez/Getty Images; (Beckett), Associated Press