Readers to Jay: You're an O'Malley pawn

A selection from my emails & the comments section of yesterday's column:

-- You sir have no clue. Another democratic pawn heard from. Pass this on to your editors; "articles" like this is why I cancelled my Sunpapers'


subscription. Yea, no bias here! Pathetic. Now tell me, did you really pen this or was it sent down the pipeline from Annapolis?

-- I read your columns regularly and they are very helpful. I guess coming out of the gate with this one, I bristle with the first paragraph: 'If it's necessary....." I could be more informed, I understand, but it is the 'necessary' part that I struggle with. Why can't a state and Governor run like your house and mine? You make $100,000 and you budget $100,000 and that is it - spend what you make? Budgeting 101?


You get what you vote for in this world and the people of Maryland should be smiling as O'Malley and his democratic cronies stick it to us at the General Assembly this year - we knew this was coming with all sorts of slick marketing and packaging. I simply don't have any more to give - property tax's, fees, service charges - my cable keeps climbing, BGE - the list is simply exhausting. I guess I get tired of subsidizing everything - that is probably at the heart of concern.

If I see a need and want to help someone, I would like to have a few dollars of disposable income to do so - but with tax's hitting me again higher and higher, well, I become crippled to make decisions to help those whom I choose to help.You probably didn't want to hear all of this today, but I just wanted share a concern over what 'necessary' was all about.....

-- I still feel that more cuts should have been looked at and acted upon first.

-- So if he raises the sales tax how will 83 percent of us be paying less taxes? More like 100 percent will be paying more taxes. I guess thats some of that tax and spend liberal math I didn't have in school. I didn't vote for him, you that did enjoy your "tax break".

-- Do you get paid directly by the O'Malley administration, or is the money "laundered-under the table"?

-- Ehrlich ran on cutting the budget, then turned around and raised fees and tolls to balance the budget. So, it seems there might not be as much waste as you think? OR, maybe we should cut funding to pregnant mothers again...that worked well for Ehrlich. Maybe we should cut healthcare funding to kids and seniors, that way you won't have to pay a penny more for a cheeseburger from McDonalds. Marykland is a great State because fo the taxes we pay. If you don't like it, move to San Fransisco.

-- I noticed that delaware's sales tax was not posted.. And that " an extra penny" that nobody will notice will come as a complete surprise when buying that new car.

Please let us know how much of these increases are to pay for (new) programs.


-- of course it's "realistic." any tax is "realistic" when people have to pay it or they get thrown in jail.

politicians are the worst of humankind... at least a common thief runs away after he's stolen from me... he doesn't come back over and over again, stealing more and more each time, and constantly trying to convince me that it's for my own good and that i should actually be thankful because he takes more from people in other neighborhoods.

if king o'malley wants more tribute, then he should go around the state begging his 'employers.' at the very least he would get his first honest work experience.

-- here we go! Next this idiot will tax golf balls! Hold on to your wallets - The Sun endorsed this charlatan. Here is a unique idea for the Sun and idiots like O'Malley - CUT SPENDING!

-- Jay you sure are willig to pay more taxes. I'm not and PA is looking closer and closer to work. Cut spending further, user fees are fine, cigarette tax fine, gasoline tax fine, but increasing aregressive sales tax and an income tax increase is a bit much.

-- Be prepared for some kind of shenanigan. Governor O'Malley is above all else a politician. He always has his sights on the next higher office. He knows if this plan is implemented as is, he will always be associated with tax increases and would thereby be unelectable as President or Vice President. My guess is that he will feign a compromise and drop the sales tax increase, but still increase income tax and fees. Slots will be his bargaining chip.


-- Anyone who didn't think O'Malley would raise taxes must have just crawled out from under a rock. But raising taxes will hurt MD's economy in more ways than not. Most unfair is the wage earners over $150M or even $200M that will pay higher taxes. Why are these people being penalized for being successful?