Each time I watch the replay of David Ortiz's walk-off home run last night at Fenway Park, I wonder why Devil Rays right fielder Delmon Young chose to visit the concession stand first before tracking the ball.

I'm so glad Dave Trembley's players responded with such fire after his ejection. If not for his animated display, they might have lost 19-6.


I like the photo in The Sun of Trembley pointing in the air while "ejecting" the second base umpire. But I would have chosen a different finger.

This club has been on the receiving end of more bad calls than I can count, which shouldn't be mistaken for an excuse for what has become a putrid season. I'm just amazed that the umpires working Orioles games keep wearing brown paper bags over their heads like disgruntled fans, except without the eye holes cut out.

Howie Kendrick should have been reported as AWOL last night for leaving the base without permission.

The Orioles have hit .262 in their last 21 games - 18 of them losses - and posted a 9.05 ERA. The starters have a 7.25 ERA, compared to 11.08 for the relievers.

Oh yeah, and the Orioles have lost 14 of their last 15 home games. But at least Jon Leicester is making his third major league start tonight against 16-game winner John Lackey, so it can't get any worse.

Actually, Leicester qualifies as the stopper on this staff, given the result of his last start.

It's become clear that Nick Markakis deserves the award as Most Valuable Oriole this season, surpassing Erik Bedard and Brian Roberts, who were the frontrunners until recently. Markakis could finish with 20 homers and 100 RBIs. His average has stayed around .300. And he's playing right field as well as anyone in baseball.

Certainly better than Delmon Young, who picked a strange time to take a ballpark tour last night. I caught him taking a few snapshots with his disposable camera.

At least somebody caught something.