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In Which I Confess I am a Wonk

I’m interested in the housing market. That’s a safe confession, right? Who isn’t, nowadays? But I admit that I’ve been interested before it was quite so obviously interesting — before the slump, before the boom, back in the days when things seemed more or less normal and hardly worth talking about at parties.

OK, I’m a wonk, but I swear there is method to my wonkishness. Buying a home, selling a home, choosing a place to rent: These are major life decisions. They tell us about ourselves and our community. What are we buying? What are we trying to sell? Where are we moving and why? That’s always worth looking into.

The housing market also happens to be a not insignificant part of the local and national economy, as the housing downturn has made clear.

So: Herein you’ll find information about the Baltimore metro area housing market, plus other news that affects us. Stay tuned.

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