Tonight, the men of Dancing With the Stars take the stage to show off their stuff.

Head judge Len Goodman says the women set a fantastic standard last night and that they "literally threw down the gauntlet" (I must have missed that part).


First are soap star Cameron Mathison and Edyta Sliwinska. In the interview, Cameron says he had Perthes disease as a child, which caused bone degeneration in his legs, so he's worried about his flexibility. Also, we learn that because of his filming schedule, they are practicing mostly between midnight and 4 a.m. They foxtrot to "Moondance." Edyta is on the verge of losing the back of her dress there for a bit, but I don't think she technically had a wardrobe malfunction. Len says it was like a faucet -- it flowed, splattered a bit, dripped some and flowed again. Bruno said he had good arms and "not quite a Rolls Royce yet, but not a Buick either." Carrie Ann says she was worried, but once he relaxed it was a lot better. Scores: 7-7-7, for a 21/30.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather is partnered with Karina Smirnoff for this season. He is also training for the show and a championship match as well. He says he wanted to quit because it was so hard at first. They cha cha to OutKast's "The Way You Move." They are a blast to watch -- he's a little hunched over, but clearly having an amazing time. Bruno says, "I'm going to change your name from Mayweather to September Storm." He says he stomped all over the floor in that cha cha, but that his energy was amazing and he just needs to channel it. Len says he has great potential and that he needs to treat this as his first round in boxing and that in his second round, he needs to improve it. Carrie Ann says he needs to work on finesse and treat Karina with a little more tenderness. Scores: 6-6-6, for 18/30. Wow, I know he was not controlled, but that performance was fun.

Racecar driver Helio Castroneves and regining champ Julianne Hough are partners and start with the foxtrot. He is also dancing and working in his field at the same time. They dance to "Bewitched," and he's smiling the whole time, having fun and seems to do a great job. Carrie Ann says he's a natural and that he's debonair. Bruno says, "The king of speed is now the king of charm." He also praises the chemistry and choreography. Len says it was great and then makes a bunch of car comparisons. Scores: 8-9-8, for a 25/30.

Model Albert Reed is kind of a dork based on how he keeps playing to the camera. His partner is Anna Trebunskaya, who is returning to the show. During the interview, he says he's definitely the least famous person on the show, so he needs to work it. He and Anna cha cha to "A Little Less Conversation." There is a whole lotta face-pulling and an insane amount of hip action. Len says: "You gyrated, you rotated, you pulsated, it was like watching a stripper. Don't worry about what they're doing, just sit back and enjoy it." Bruno says it was great, great fun. Carrie Ann stutters and says she's at a loss for words, but that it was more "other stuff" than cha cha. Scores: 7-7-7, for a 21/30.

Billionaire Mark Cuban says he likes to have as many experiences as possible and that he is super competitive. He's meets partner Kym Johnson that he had a hip replaced only seven weeks ago. They foxtrot to "King of the Road." Mark keeps singing along during their performance, which is cute and fun. Bruno says he's never seen "a bouncing bionic billionaire." He says his technique needs work, but he embraced. Carrie Ann says he needs to work on his posture and footwork a little more, but that he was a great showman. Then she notes that he needs to keep his tongue in his mouth because it was dancing more than anything else was. Len says it was somewhere in between dancefloor disaster and ballroom blitz. Scores: 7-7-7, for another 21/30.

Last are Wayne Newton and Cheryl Burke. In his interview, Wayne says he has never been nervous going on stage before, and he's nervous. Their cha cha is fun, and he gets a standing ovation, but while he of course was a great showman, the technique was not fabulous. Carrie Ann says it's an honor to meet him and that he needs to open up his hip action. Len says he has more fun on this night watching these six guys than on any other night on the show. He says he showed a lot of basic moves and he's a great performer. Bruno mentions foot placement and hip action and says hopefully he will stay with them for a long time. Scores: 6-7-6, for a 19/30. Cheryl tells former partner Drew Lachey that Wayne just might be the best partner she's ever had.

Oooh, ow, Tom says that tomorrow one of the stars will be going home, and the camera people zoom in on Josie Moran. I mean, they might be right, but that's not very nice.

So do you agree with the camera people, or do you think someone else is in danger?