With a nod to Jerry Lee Lewis, it would seem that, in the NFL, there was a whole lotta cheatin' going on. That was the gist of much of the commentary on the network pre-game shows during discussion of the Bill Belichick punishment. Apparently, everybody does it -- or did it.

On Fox, Jimmy Johnson acknowledged various spying techniques at some of his coaching stops -- including having a staff member rifle through the trash baskets in the press box used by opposing staffs.


"I don't think there's anyone out there who doesn't go over the edge just a little bit," Johnson said.

On CBS, Charley Casserly said the Patriots would sometimes send a staffer into the opposing locker room while the team was on the field warming up, looking for clues to the game plan.

Give Fox the most props, though, for coming up with a piece of the actual offending tape by the Pats, showing the Jets defensive coaches signaling and then panning to the scoreboard for time, down and distance.

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When sensitivity and commerce clash, well, you can figure out what wins.

During the Steelers-Bills game, CBS ran a promo for its new sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, featuring NFL players talking about "big bangs" as in huge hits, complete with clips of someone getting -- as ESPN would put it -- "jacked up."

Yes, this ran during a game featuring the Bills, whose Kevin Everett is in a Buffalo hospital recovering from devastating injuries suffered just a week earlier on a play that initially seemed destined to leave him paralyzed.

But ... woo hoo, look at them there hits!