If Erik Bedard was dehydrated last night, he picked the right place. I don't know a major league ballpark that isn't well-stocked with Gatorade.

I'm no doctor, though I play one on TV, but I'd have him chugging bottles like he's playing a college drinking game. (Perhaps he could take a big swig every time Jay Payton swings at the first pitch).


Bedard has one complete game in his entire major league career, but I think we can retire all the talk about him lacking toughness. He could have asked out of last night's game much earlier, but he insisted on pushing ahead until the later innings.

Sure looks like a staff ace to me.

Meanwhile, it might be time to keep Danys Baez in a plastic bubble.

The guy appears to be pitching a little better, but the Orioles can't keep him on the mound. At least he isn't pulling a Scott Williamson and telling reporters that he's really available.

The stomach virus attacked Baez in ways that only a 2 a.m. run to Taco Bell can duplicate. We've all been there. And none of us has felt like pitching to David Ortiz afterward.

Melvin Mora is resisting going on an injury rehab assignment. That's his prerogative. But he needs the at-bats, and manager Dave Trembley wants them to come in the minors.

It was good enough for Miguel Tejada. And it's the best thing for Mora, who's missed a significant amount of time.

Speaking of Trembley, many congratulations for holding onto his job at least through the rest of this season. Making a change now would make absolutely no sense, and it would be met with extreme resistance inside the clubhouse.

Andy MacPhail really had no choice, but I'm still glad he made the right one.

I think that makes sense.