Sifting through the rubble

Tonight's attendance: 18,679 - equaling the number of Seattle hits in this series.

Ichiro had half of them.


The Mariners actually totaled 31 runs and 49 hits, and batted .395 in three games.

Any chance Mike Hargrove is starting to regain his passion for the job?


Brian Burres isn't starting on Saturday, but we're still waiting to find out if Garrett Olson gets the call. And if Kurt Birkins decides to skip the flight and just hitchhike to Norfolk.

From Miguel Tejada: "We probably win the game if I don't make the error."

Don't expect the Orioles to change Daniel Cabrera's role anytime soon. Manager Dave Trembley pretty much shot down that idea after the game. Cabrera's staying in the rotation.

Cabrera was 5-0 lifetime against Seattle before tonight. His home ERA this year jumped to 5.81 in 15 starts.

Hide Jamie Walker when the Mariners are around. He's 0-2 with a 15.00 ERA in six games against them this season.

Horacio Ramirez should refuse to accept the decision. The guy allowed seven runs and walked five in five-plus innings. Give it back.

Random trivia: Name the pitcher that John Parrish replaced on the roster when the Orioles brought him to the majors for the first time on July 19, 2000. And no fair looking it up.

Parrish was the longest tenured Oriole on the current roster, beating Melvin Mora by nine days.