Only one of you correctly guessed which pitcher John Parrish replaced on the Orioles' roster in 2000.

Is Darren Holmes that forgettable?


Lots of love on this blog for Chris Gomez. I bet he'd be moved - and not in another waiver claim.

Count me among those of you wondering how the Orioles could just let this guy walk for $20,000. They worked out a deal for Parrish after the Mariners claimed him, but not Gomez?

I wonder how many people in the warehouse agreed with this decision. I'd bet it wasn't unanimous, but I'm only speculating.

Gomez isn't a superstar, and I doubt the rest of the AL Central is quivering over the Indians' acquisition, but he's a solid utility player who can sit for long stretches and still produce in the field and at the plate. And his attitude is a nice fit for any clubhouse. He was extremely popular among his teammates, who called him "Fresh Hands" because he spent so much time on the bench last season, rather than swinging a bat.

"At least your hands are fresh."

The Orioles could have gotten something for Gomez besides $20,000, which doesn't even cover a family trip to McDonald's for Melvin Mora.

Manager Dave Trembley has been suffering in silence. He couldn't use Jay Gibbons in the outfield because of a shoulder injury, but didn't want opponents to know. So he kept playing the same three outfielders - and kept watching Jay Payton lose steam by the inning.

Gibbons has inflammation around his rotator cuff and can't throw. He was examined Monday by Reds team physician Dr. Timothy Kremchek, who performed the surgery on Brian Roberts' elbow in 2005, and underwent an MRI and arthrogram.

The pain doesn't prevent Gibbons from swinging a bat, which is why he still can be used as the designated hitter. But it limits how often Trembley can put him in the lineup because Aubrey Huff usually handles the DH duties.

Maybe the disabled list would be a better place for Gibbons. And an extra outfielder could be added to the roster without giving away another player for $20,000.