Bullpen issues

With John Parrish and Paul Shuey continuing to struggle, the bullpen is becoming a concern again.

And just when I was feeling good about it.


Now that Jamie Walker is being used mostly as a closer, the Orioles have lost their primary left-handed set-up man. And Parrish isn't consistent enough to be trusted in the role.

If the Orioles send him down, who takes his place? Or Walker's place, to be more precise?


Would you feel better having Kurt Birkins facing left-handers in the seventh and eighth? Should Brian Burres go to the bullpen as a second lefty, with Garrett Olson rejoining the rotation?

I didn't want to see James Hoey back up here until rosters expanded next month. I'd rather have him thrive at one level than get smacked around in the majors again. But Shuey's ERA is up to 8.22. And I agree with Brian's comment on an earlier entry that Shuey hasn't been the same since attempting to pitch a third inning in Chicago.

Maybe it's just coincidence.

Aubrey Huff remains my biggest disappointment in 2007. I predicted a huge year for him batting fifth, but he can't get going.

I knew we was a slow starter. We all knew that. But it's Aug. 2 and I'm still waiting for him to heat up.

So much for the 25 homers I was projecting.

Melvin Mora still leads the club with 12 homers, and I can't remember his last at-bat.