Americans don't know their presidents

So says the U.S. Mint. Sad but not surprising.

"A survey commissioned by the United States Mint has found that most Americans don’t know that Thomas Jefferson was the Nation’s third President and a shockingly small number could name the first four Presidents in order. Only 7 percent of those surveyed could name the Nation’s first four Presidents in order: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

"When asked specifically about Thomas Jefferson, only 30 percent knew that he was our Nation’s third President. However, slightly more than half of Americans, 57%, knew that Thomas Jefferson was the main author of the Declaration of Independence, the Presidential $1 Coin Survey revealed."

The Mint is hawking its newest $1 coin, which shows Thomas Jefferson. You KNEW there was a presidential series of $1 coins, right? I didn't. They're issuing them in the order that the presidents took office. Grover Cleveland will get two coins because he served two noncontiguous terms. Can't wait for the Richard Nixon issue. More from the survey:

  • Only 22 percent of Americans know that there have been 43 U.S. Presidents to date.
  •  Only 21 percent of Americans know that the faces of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt are carved on Mount Rushmore.
  • Only 35 percent of Americans surveyed knew Thomas Jefferson is featured on the nickel.
  • Only 28 percent of Americans surveyed knew that John Adams and John Quincy Adams were the original father-son pair of Presidents.
  • However, 68 percent of Americans surveyed knew that George Washington led the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.