You just can't make this stuff up. The Boogaard boys of the NHL, Derek and Aaron, are conducting a hockey camp during the offseason.

But this is sort of a specialized camp.


You see, it's actually a hockey fighting camp for kids that the Boogaards run up in Saskatchewan.

Unless you're an NHL fan, you may not know that Derek Boogaard, of the Minnesota Wild, is one of the league's more expert brawlers (26 fights in 113 games). His brother Aaron, now with the Pittsburgh Penguins, is also no stranger to penalty boxes.

They contend that they're not teaching the kids to be goons but rather simply how to protect themselves when playing.

One mother likened the camp to a defensive driving class.

Yeah, if defensive driving involved putting protruding spikes on your hubcaps to flatten the other guy's tires.

So here's a little of Mr. Boogaard (No. 24) at work to the strains of the team anthem, whose opening words are:

"We were raised with the stick and a pair of blades

On the ice we cut our teeth

We took our knocks in the penalty box

Our mother was the referee."

And we acknowledge the Fark blog site for initially alerting us to the item about the camp.