Of all the wonderful elements that made up last night's victory – Erik Bedard's seven scoreless innings, the two home runs, the clutch relief – nothing pleased me more than the time: 2 hours, 12 minutes.

Bedard kept throwing strikes. And Mark Buehrle worked like his hair was on fire. Or Jessica Alba was waiting for him in the parking lot.


Less time at the ballpark meant more time across the street at Sliders Bar & Grill.

I've never seen the grill, but I can vouch for the bar.

I ended up at a 24-hour supermarket near my house, which amused the checkout girl as she rang up my can of mini-ravioli, microwave lasagna, cheese and crackers, corn chips, hard pretzels and two kinds of Hershey bars.

My buyer's remorse kicked in pretty early this morning.

But enough about me…

Now that the Mets have released Julio Franco, he'll have to live off his Social Security checks.

I can't wait to watch HBO's Real Sports on Tuesday for the Gary Sheffield interview, when he reportedly claims that African American and white players are treated differently under Yankees manager Joe Torre and takes a shot at Derek Jeter for not being "all the way black."

No word yet on whether he questions if Hideki Matsui is "all the way Japanese."

According to Newsday, which obtained a copy of the interview, Sheffield also says he never took steroids because "steroids is something you shoot in your butt."

However, the guy has no problem putting his foot in his mouth.

Billy Rowell hit a walk-off home run in the 13th inning last night to give Single-A Delmarva a 3-2 win over Hagerstown.

Anyone remember when Hagerstown was an Orioles' affiliate?

Also, Cory Doyne recorded his 27th save last night, a single-season record at Triple-A Norfolk. He's 27-for-28.

I haven't seen much of Luis Hernandez, but I like the way he plays shortstop. Nothing wrong with the two doubles in two nights, either. And he's only 23.


Funny Cide, the 2003 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner, has been retired.

It won't last long. The Yankees will sign him next May, with promises that he doesn't have to stay with the team when he's not racing.