Speaking of last night...

My true confession: I turned off the game when it was 6-2, and returned to it in the ninth with the score 6-5.

As my punishment, I'll take early blogging before the next home game.


I guess interim manager Dave Trembley decided to change closers. That definitely wasn't Chris Ray. The guy I saw last night located his pitches. He knew when to throw his slider. He was efficient and confident.

Keep that guy.

I know he isn't a .300 hitter, but I always feel confident when Kevin Millar steps to the plate with a chance to drive in a run. He mostly has good at-bats, working the count and making solid contact. You could have hung laundry on his line drive in the ninth inning last night. And I'll say it again, he plays a MUCH better first base than he gets credit for.

If I'm Freddie Bynum, I'm playing nice with all the coaches. I'm buying Terry Crowley dinner. I'm paying for Leo Mazzone's next tattoo. I'm inviting Bruce Kison to Lindsay Lohan's next party.

Bynum's had run-ins with Sam Mejias and Juan Samuel, and now he couldn't find his way to the lineup with a map and a compass.

Coincidence? You decide.

Paul Shuey is developing into a wonderful story. The guy's had four surgeries on his right hip - the last one in Canada, because the procedure is illegal in the U.S. It's a resurfacing. And it's the sort of thing that you do so you can still play with your grandkids when you get older. It's not so you can pitch in the late innings of tight games.

I have no idea how long the hip will hold up, because Shuey himself has no idea. And I'm not a doctor, though I play one on TV. But he's becoming a valuable member of the bullpen, a much-needed late-inning option for Trembley.

Early on, he was using smoke and mirrors to get hitters out, but not anymore. Shuey noticed the difference after getting his first save since 2002.

I don't think he should be deemed the next closer if Ray struggles again, but he certainly can handle some of the load while primarily assisting in the seventh and eighth innings. Pick and choose your spots.

Down on the farm, Nolan Reimold hasn't played since May 10. He's twice gone on the disabled list  with a strained oblique. I'll check on him later today and get an update.

Tike Redman extended his hitting streak to 14 games by collecting two more hits last night in an 11-1 loss to Syracuse. Mike Cervenak pushed his streak to eight games.

To answer one reader's question, Cervenak isn't on the 40-man roster.