What are the chances that the Orioles get burned because they've emptied their bench in a one-run game and Luis Hernandez is playing shortstop?

Hernandez, by the way, is wearing No. 2. Which player immediately comes to mind when you see that digit?


Strangely, I thought of Billy Smith.

Garrett Olson will make another start for the Orioles next Sunday in the finale of a four-game series against the White Sox at Camden Yards.

Does Jerry Hairston's stance look different to you since he left Baltimore? I remember his hands being closer to his body.

If I'm Hairston and I'm standing in left field today, I'm thinking, "Why am I out here while Desi Relaford is playing second base? Or anybody else, for that matter?"

Mark Buehrle agreed to a four-year deal with the White Sox, ending all that speculation that he could be traded before becoming a free agent. I talked to a White Sox scout recently who figured Buehrle was as good as gone because he would be much too expensive to keep, given the deals signed by the likes of Barry Zito and Gil Meche.

This is random, but the Maryland Lottery ad that keeps running on MASN, with the three female "aliens" promoting the Mega Bucks Jackpot, makes me want to hit myself over the head with a shovel until I'm unconscious. Or I'll take volunteers. Somebody put me out of my misery. Please.

Nice to see Melvin Mora pinch-hitting in the seventh inning. I knew once he bruised his left foot last Sunday that it would be awhile before we saw him again. He's not a quick healer.

To answer a question that I posed yesterday: Norfolk's Eider Torres led all Orioles minor leaguers with 18 stolen bases going into the weekend. Go collect your bets.