'Big Brother 8': catching up

So, since last I posted about Big Brother 8, Daniele won power of veto and took herself off the block, HOH Jen put Joe on in her place, the house voted 9-1 to kick out Joe, and then Evil Dick won the next HOH competition.

So tonight the big question is, who will Dick put on the block? Odds are good Kail will be one of the choices, since she was the only one who voted for him and since she got caught campaigning against him.


(Best quote of the first five minutes? Kail: "I knew instantly it was me! I knew I was the one vote, and apparently I am all by myself." Wow, she is brilliant. She remembered who she cast her vote for!) But yes, it's true ... where were the other three in her supposed alliance?

Zach interviews that the alliance of four "is failing, and it's probably done."

Kail runs around trying to get the members of her alliance (especially Mike -- I think, there are too many generic looking brunette guys in her alliance) to tell her why they didn't tell her they were changing their votes to save Dick, leaving her high and dry. She also thinks her alliance is over.

When it's time for the HOH room reveal, it's a little different this time since Dick's family photos include pictures of Daniele. She says it reminds her that they did have some good times.

Amber, of course, cries in her interview about how great it was to see Dick's pictures. (I assume she's been named "Wahhh-mber" in all the web forums, but I haven't actually checked.)

Later, Kail tells Dick about her alliance, trying to explain why she voted for him. But Dick sees through this covering-her-tail maneuver and seems disgusted that she's selling out her alliance, too. Kail also tells Dick if she wants to go after her for "a personal vendenna." VENDENNA. Where did this woman learn to speak?

Random footage of the day is Jen and Eric fight-wrestling. Yawn. Later, in a conversation about the movie Van Wilder, Nick reveals that he has a list of his top-five girls and guys, and that Ryan Reynolds is on the latter list. The other men find this odd. He goes to tell Daniele about it and clarifies that his list is the top five male celebrities he would date if he was gay. Then he claims he scrapped his list of female celebrities since he met Daniele. Daniele interviews that she cares about Nick, but has a boyfriend back home who she's "absolutely crazy in love with."

Later, she goes out to the hammock and talks to her dad about how frustrated she is with the situation and that she is worried she is hurting her boyfriend. He gives her some good advice and adds that, inside or outside the house, she can always talk to him. He really seems to be trying.

Maryland player Jameka makes a rare appearance when it's time to talk about slop. She's been on the slop diet for two straight weeks. She struggles and cries her way through a bowl of the stuff because she's starving. Meanwhile, Amber is on the verge of tears talking about how hard it was for Jameka to eat the slop. Then, in an interview, Jen says, "Since I have not been on slop, I don't really feel bad for people who are on it. I suck at that, um, feeling bad thing, but I, um, definitely feel something." Jameka says she wants to get off slop next week, so she can get back into the game.

Later, during dinner, Dick makes a comment about how hard it is to eat with all the slop-diet people staring at him, saying it's like "being in Africa, eating a hamburger or something." Jameka chimes in, "or Asia, or the United States," and Dick gets upset, thinking she is accusing him of making a racist statement. They go into another room to discuss it and she explains that it wasn't against him, but just to clarify for people who might be listening and thinking that the only thing in Africa is starving people -- or that Africa is the only place where that's a problem. She gets emotional about how hard it is being the only minority in the house because she feels like she has to be cognizant of how she is portraying herself at all times. She just seems really overwhelmed, and having been on slop for two weeks is probably not helping.

Speaking of which, the food competition is next, "Mission Inpastabowl." As a group, the house gets halibut, lobster tail, juice, a grill, pasta, chips, sweet breads (cow pancreas, not pastry), melons, cucumber, bananas, hamburger, cereal and milk. So some of these folks will be getting food for the first time in two weeks.

Next, Eric is told his next task as America's Player is to get Jen nominated. He thinks it will be cake.

Kail starts quizzing Dustin about supposedly gay characters and whether they really are gay. First, they talk about Robin of Batman and Robin, and next she asks him about Barney. He says, "I think that was just a rumor. And plus, he's a fictional dinosaur character; I don't think he has sexual preferences." Kail interviews that her community is really small and so she doesn't know any gay people. "I don't think I'll ever be good at spotting a gay guy because I don't look for that. Unless they're gonna be wearin' their full makeup; then it's a giveaway." This woman is a brilliant businesswoman? Oy.

Nomination time. Jameka is the first safe person. ("Happy birthday," says Dick.) Kail and Jen, not shockingly, are targeted.


Seeing either one of those two evicted would be fine by me!