I just walked the boardwalk in Ocean City for the first time in many years. I haven't gotten any older, but man, everyone else sure is younger.

I was going to play putt-putt golf before returning to my parents' place in Ocean Pines, but Michelle Wie was holding up the line. She kept hitting the windmill.


Enough of the talk about LeBron James being Michael Jordan. Too soon.

It's a good thing for the Cavaliers that nobody's watching.

Because you asked (or at least one of you): The Orioles' two complete games ties them with Oakland, Boston and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Near Disney for third in the American League. Toronto is the only team with four. Detroit, Kansas City and Texas have none.

Until John Parrish rediscovers his slider, and I mean the one from spring training and early in the season, he's going to struggle. He still has a minor league option remaining. He needs to become effective again or the Orioles could make a change. And real fast.

Scott Williamson insists his arm hasn't been hurting and he wonders why he doesn't pitch more often. I say, use him until he proves otherwise. Give Chad Bradford a break.

If Bradford's arm eventually falls off, at least it won't have far to go before hitting the ground.

We almost made it through the entire post-game session with manager Sam Perlozzo yesterday before someone manning a camera chimed in with the tired question about the "rivalry" between the Orioles and Nationals. My eyes rolled so far up my head, I could look out the back.

There's no rivalry. Not even close. Nobody feels it. Nobody cares. It's a three-game series between an American League team and a National League team. The trip is a short one for the visitors. Sweet.

Certain members of the media - and it's always the electronic types - want to create something that isn't there.

If that's the case, give Jay Gibbons about 60 points on his batting average and Ramon Hernandez a healthier groin.

Enough of The Sopranos. How did you all feel about the series-finale of Saved By The Bell?

OK, I'm kidding.

Loved the last episode of Newhart and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The last episode of M*A*S*H should have aired at least two years earlier. Maybe three.

Did I hear four?