Video: Dew Tour athletes

The following highlight packages, courtesy of YouTube, are from athletes that placed in the top five in each event from last year's AST Dew Tour Panasonic Open.

Skate Vert


Shaun White -- 1st place

Video: Shaun White gold medal run X Games 13


Bob Burnquist -- 2nd place

Video: Vert Finals

Andy MacDonald -- tied for 3rd place

Video: Andy MacDonald interview

Bucky Lasek -- tied for 3rd place

Video: This is my element

Pierre-Luc Gagnon -- 5th place

Video: Pierre-Luc Gagnon and Gailea Momolu

Skate Park

Ryan Sheckler -- 1st place

Video: Ryan Sheckler

Greg Lutzka -- 2nd place


Video: Greg Lutzka footage from the dew tour

Carlos de Andrade -- 3rd place

Video: Carlos de Andrade

Rodolfo Ramos -- 4th place

Video: Rodolfo Ramos winning run

Mathieu Therres -- 5th place

Video: Charm City skate park substance demo

BMX Vert

Jamie Bestwick -- 1st place

Video: Jamie Bestwick gold medal run

Chad Kagy -- 2nd place

Video: BMX Dew Tour '07

Jimmy Walker -- 3rd place

Video: X Games Brazil Jimmy Walker

Steven McCann -- 4th place

Video: Steven McCann at Woodward

Dennis McCoy -- 5th place

Video: Dennis McCoy rides the Shawnee SkatePark

BMX Park

Daniel Dhers -- 1st place

Video: Daniel Dhers' winning run

Mike Spinner -- 2nd place

Video: Mike Spinner BMX park jam session

Dennis Enarson -- 3rd place

Video: Dennis Enarson – Dew Tour

Gary Young -- 4th place

Video: Gary Young

Ryan Nyquist -- 5th place

Video: Ryan Nyquist 2007 Vans Invitational montage

BMX Dirt

Ryan Nyquist -- 1st place

Video: Ryan Nyquist 2007 Vans Invitational montage

Cameron White -- 2nd place

Video: BMX Dirt Finals at Panasonic Open

Chris Doyle -- 3rd place

Video: BMX Dirt Finals at Panasonic Open

Colin Mackay -- 4th place

Video: Colin Mackay Run 1

Corey Bohan -- 5th place

Video: Corey Bohan night riding footage


Nate Adams -- 1st place

Video: Maxxis films '07 starring Nate Adams

Blake Williams -- 2nd place

Video: Blake Williams 360 Heelcliker

Mike Mason -- 3rd place

Video: Freeriding Mike Mason

Adam Jones -- 4th place

Video: Adam Jones FMX final run

Jeremy Lusk -- 5th place

Video: Jeremy Lusk X Games 13 FMX final

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