Daniel Cabrera served up three home runs in three innings to put the Orioles in a 5-1 hole. He also hit a batter, which I believe is required by MLB rules whenever he pitches.

If not for a sensational catch by Corey Patterson in the sixth, his glove rising above the fence, Scott Hairston would have two home runs and Cabrera's total for the night would be up to four.


Cabrera should consider himself lucky that the rotation sprung so many leaks. I'm not sure the Orioles could afford to send down Cabrera when they've lost Adam Loewen for the season and Jaret Wright for most, if not all, of it. They might need Garrett Olson to replace Brian Burres, who's starting tomorrow but could eventually move to the bullpen.

Or maybe they should just bring up Olson to replace Cabrera, who is testing the organization's patience again. I know he's testing mine.

Meanwhile, Randy Johnson is pitching one heck of a game.

Oh, wait...

So who had June 16 in the office pool as the date that the Orioles would bring up Cory Doyne?

In case there's any confusion, Doyne's first name is Michael, but he goes by his middle name. He also throws a fastball, curveball, slider and changeup. His fastball has been clocked at 96 mph on a really good day.

Anyone remember Aubrey Huff's last home run?

This just in: The Chicago Cubs are the No. 1-ranked contenders in the WBC and WBA. Still waiting for confirmation about the WBO.

Adam Loewen will wear a sling for about a week after undergoing surgery Thursday to repair a fracture in his left forearm. He expects to be throwing no later than December and to be ready by spring training.

"They put a pretty good-sized screw in there and it pushes the fracture together and somehow more blood gets pushed to the area and it's able to heal faster," he said.