Yankees manager Joe Torre is so desperate to turn things around, he called off batting practice today and told his players they didn't have to report to the ballpark until 6 p.m.

That's late.


Orioles manager Dave Trembley was given the chance to push back his batting practice until later, using the time normally reserved for the visiting team, but he declined. He wants to keep the Orioles in the same routine -- same stretch, same hitting, etc.

He has Fahey, Brian Roberts and Corey Patterson performing bunting drills before BP.

Trembley also said he won't adjust the rotation because of the All-Star break. "Why change things when things are going well?" he said.

Here's the lineup:

Brian Roberts - 2B

Brandon Fahey - SS

Nick Markakis - RF

Kevin Millar - 1B

Aubrey Huff - DH

Melvin Mora - 3B

Jay Gibbons - LF

Paul Bako - C

Jay Payton - CF

Daniel Cabrera - P