The answer is Ray Lewis. The question is ...

Who is the Least Fun Athlete to Watch?, the cyber branch office of Sports Illustrated, just came out with a photo gallery of the "25 Least Fun Athletes to Watch" and guess who's No. 1 on the list?


Yup, as we implied in the headline, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis.

SI says that Ray's penchant for celebrating even downfield tackles apparently make him the the most insufferable athlete for the viewing audience to stomach.

Argue that if you want, either way, but the SI definition of "least fun" does meander a bit.

The No. 3 "least fun to watch" is tennis star Maria Sharapova, who we recognized ourselves today in the musical interlude (take a look below). Sharapova, the SI folks say, just doesn't come through on the court despite her appeal to the fashionista. Considering she just made the semifinals of the French Open and is favored to go to the finals shows a bit a poor timing there, doesn't it?

There are some usual suspects. Randy Moss (but no Terrell Owens), Eli Manning (everyone's favorite punching bag), and the U.S. men's Olympic basketball team (we'll give them that one).

But at No. 20 we have Orioles starting pitcher Steve Trachsel.

Huh?  Where'd that come from?

Trachsel pitches too slow for the SI folks, it seems. SLOW? You want SLOW? How about the waits between pitching changes once the Orioles' bullpen gets into the game?

Photo credit: Getty Images