I turn on my television after returning home tonight and I see the Orioles are winning, 2-0, in the third inning.

My first thought: Will they lose the lead in the eighth or ninth. And I hate that such negativity prevails. I really do.


In case you're wondering what happened to Frank Robinson's No. 20 "statue" outside Camden Yards, it's being replaced because it was accidentally damaged by a crane that lifts the warehouse window washers. A new one will be substituted in the near future.

How would you like to be the guy who did that?

Rick Dempsey was a call-in guest to The Anita Marks Show today, and he brought it strong. Rather than lay all the blame for Sunday's loss on Chris Ray, he saved a little for catcher Ramon Hernandez, who continues to call for all those fastballs. And who, Dempsey indicated, needs to take charge more often.

Dempsey instructed Hernandez to "run the game" and suggested that he needs to remember that he's like a second manager on the field. Visit the mound more often, check third base to see if Melvin Mora is positioned properly.

It's all part of Dempsey's assertion that the Orioles wouldn't lose so many close games if they paid greater attention to details.

Dempsey estimated that they've lost 13 games that they should have won. Does that sound right to you?

According to Jim Duquette's math, 70 percent of the Orioles' games have been decided by three runs or fewer, the highest total in the majors. Duquette also notes that the club has four relievers on pace to appear in 90 or more games. No wonder there's concern about the bullpen burning out.