- The best appetizer in the area is the raw tuna and avocado tower at The Bicycle in Federal Hill. But you also can't go wrong with lobster tempura at Linwood's in Owings Mills. (More suggestions are always welcome)

- Angel Hernandez should be much thinner, considering how hard it must be to consume a meal when your plate keeps moving.


- Now that Jason Giambi has been instructed to cooperate with Senator George Mitchell's investigation into steroid use in baseball, he needs to come up with a better strategy than claiming he can't speak English.

- This wasn't a good day to give Freddie Bynum a rare start, not with a left-hander on the mound. Couldn't Miguel Tejada be used as the designated hitter on another day, since he can rest tomorrow?

- I need to reconsider the above thought after Bynum singled and scored.

- I'm fairly certain that few of you liked the Orioles' chances today after they fell behind, 4-0.

- Now that the Orioles have scored five runs in the fifth inning to take the lead, I'm fairly certain that most of you are worried about the bullpen again.

- Even if Aubrey Huff won the Triple Crown this year, not many parents would be naming their newborn sons "Aubrey."

- Michael Vick would make a lousy dog walker.

-  The fact that Mariners starter Jarrod Washburn hasn't walked a leadoff batter all season is one of the more interesting stats of the year.

- My first guess as to which player has an 18-game hitting streak wouldn't have been Yuniesky Betancourt. You could have won a lot of money off me in a bar bet.

- The "hold" stat in baseball is ridiculous and should go the way of the dodo bird.

- The Devils Rays should draft Vanderbilt left-hander David Price with the first overall pick tomorrow and immediately trade him for Victor Zambrano, just to even things out.

- Daniel Cabrera's gifted right arm needs to start churning out more wins, and fast. No more excuses.

- Cabrera is going to seriously injure somebody if he keeps drilling people every start. Or he's going to ignite a brawl that will make the Armando Benitez incident at Yankee Stadium look like a play date.

- If the Rangers decide to move Mark Teixeira in a trade, it won't be anytime soon. Not in early June.


- The Sun needs a synchronized swimming blog to complete the set.