Apparently, it's not easy being rich and famous at a young age. I'm so glad I never had that burden. Lucky me.

I bring this up because actress Lindsay Lohan is back in rehab.


Apparently, it wasn't just Herbie who was Fully Loaded.


Jeremy Guthrie has been many things to the Orioles this year - waiver claim, spring training surprise, long reliever, emergency starter, consistent starter, winner.

Now he needs to be a stopper. And he needs to do it against Ervin Santana, a pitcher who's 4-1 with a 2.12 ERA at home and 0-5 with a 9.30 ERA on the road.

Speaking of Santana, does anyone still want the Orioles to acquire this guy - perhaps in a blockbuster Miguel Tejada trade - when he's only comfortable if the Rally Monkey is in the house?

It could be worse for the Orioles today: At least they're not facing Joe Saunders. Or Jesse Litsch. Or Dallas Braden.

So who woke up Chone Figgins? And why do I keep wanting to pronounce his first name as "Chone?"

Danys Baez is starting to look a lot better when he's not pitching in the eighth inning. And that was the whole idea. Put him in less-pressurized situations and let him work through his problems.

And give Baez credit for this: He was more than willing to work through them, however necessary - showing up early at the ballpark to meet with pitching coach Leo Mazzone, doing things on his own, and not complaining about his "demotion." He didn't fight manager Sam Perlozzo's decision to start avoiding him in situations that used to dictate his insertion into a game. And he didn't lose confidence - at least not that any of us could see.

No matter what happens to Baez from this point forward, I'm a fan of his.