I can't believe that Curt Schilling has now resorted to faking a shoulder injury. Will this guy ever learn?

The Yankees are 4-13 in one-run games, which is so un-Yankee like. The Orioles are 7-15, if you were wondering.


There's major panic in the Bronx. One member of the New York media ventured over to the Orioles' clubhouse yesterday and said, "So you think it's bad in here. You should be on the other side."

Being in third place and three games below .500 is unacceptable in New York, as you can imagine. Here? We'd be celebrating right now, given all that has happened. We'd be checking the wild-card standings. But the Bronx bar has been raised a little higher.

The New York media is convinced that manager Joe Torre and general manager Brian Cashman would have been fired by now if owner George Steinbrenner was his old self, and not Larry David's portrayal in Seinfeld. I still believe the Yankees will make their move in the second half, but reporters already are asking Torre if the club will be sellers instead of buyers at the break.

Torre jokingly asked one reporter who broached the subject where he was hearing that the Yankees could be sellers, and warned him to be careful because "people tend to do what they read." It's obvious he doesn't want anyone in the organization to raise the white flag this soon.

If the Orioles don't get the sweep tonight, everyone should bury their disappointment and remember that taking two of three, especially without Miguel Tejada in the lineup, is beyond acceptable.

But I really, really want the sweep, and not just because it would be nice to see Daniel Cabrera  start to resemble Erik Bedard - at least on the mound.

I'd have to think that Bedard solidified his place on the All-Star team. I wish Jeremy Guthrie could join him, but there's no way two pitchers make it, and he understands this. Guthrie told me yesterday that, while it would be a tremendous honor, he's not counting on it because he's a relative unknown, and rookies rarely get the recognition.

I hope he's wrong, but I'm inclined to agree.

As for Bedard's disappearing act after last night's game, I'm just glad it didn't happen DURING it. Bedard took care of the most important business - shutting out the Yankees over seven innings.

My suggestion to the Orioles: Bring him into the interview room after the manager finishes. He obviously grew tired of waiting for us last night, but our routine has changed since MASN got involved. We can't duck into the manager's office and dart across the hall to the clubhouse. It takes longer to get to the players now that we're herded into a separate room and kept there. By the time we're allowed inside the clubhouse, a few players have already dressed and headed to their cars. And nobody's in a bigger rush than Bedard.