And now starring as "Dad" in tonight's episode of Father Knows Best, Orioles manager Sam Perlozzo.

Sun Orioles beat writer Jeff Zrebiec's account of Baltimore's 9-5 win over Seattle in the getaway game of a 10-game road trip includes this exchange between Perlozzo and all-over-the-map starter Daniel Cabrera. Cabrera, who has just given up four runs in his first two innings, is about ready to blow his stack. Perlozzo takes hold of the kid and says: "The ballclub needs you. You got to be a man now." Cabrera goes out and shuts down the Mariners for the next six innings.


Hey, I mighta slapped the guy and hoped he said, "Thanks, I needed that" rather than the 6-foot-7 Cabrera stuffing me head-first into a trash cash. But that's why I'm here and Sam is in the dugout, right?

Being a bit of a stat nerd, I was taken with some of Zrebiec's statistical observations. For instance, the Orioles have held a lead at some point in their last 15 games yet are just 8-7 over that time.  I don't care how you look at this season, it always seems to come back to the bullpen. The win broke an Orioles' five-game losing streak and they ended a streaky road trip 5-5, winning four and losing five before yesterday.

In the ouch department, catcher Ramon Hernandez was hit in the groin with a foul ball in the ninth and was X-rayed.

* Detroit's Gary Sheffield, who has raised eyebrows with comments about Latino players and their prominence in major league baseball, did some talking with his bat last night, going 3-for-4 with two home runs in the Tigers' 10-0 win over Texas. The Rangers are a wreck at the moment. At 17 games under .500, they have the worst record in major league baseball. In case you missed the Sheffield remarks, he said that Latino players sometimes get the nod over African-American players by baseball bosses because Latinos are easier to control. Here's a more expansive look at Sheffield's views.

* And ... the Ducks have won the Stanley Cup! The Ducks have won the Stanley Cup!

And I mean WON.  Anaheim scored two goals in each period to rout Ottawa, 6-2, and take the championship series, four games to one. We're going to recognize Anaheim's achievement later in today's musical interlude, so make sure to come back for that.

I'm just wondering one thing, though. How come the L.A. area can support TWO NHL teams and yet not be able to come up with a stadium to bring even a single NFL team to the nation's second-largest market.  As I said, just wondering.