Any movie that lasts three hours will have to be a rental. And I'm going to wear out the pause button. And Johnny Depp better show up at my house with a bottle and his little black book.

Freddie Bynum deserves a start in center field while Corey Patterson continues to slump.


Daniel Cabrera definitely needs to improve his fielding skills, or acquire some, but he's getting pretty good at deflecting the ball like a goalie.

Telling Cabrera, who was struggling early, that the team needed him to pitch deeper into the game and that he needed to be a man was a much better pep talk from manager Sam Perlozzo than "Are you tired?"

I never thought I'd hear these words, also from Perlozzo during his post-game interview on MASN: "The club really rallies around Freddie Bynum."

Michael Vick never should have tried to sneak into the Westminster Dog Show.

Clinton Portis never should have held open the back door for him.

Seeing what happened to Ramon Hernandez in the ninth inning reminds me why I never wanted to be a catcher.

It's OK to have Chris Gomez bunting with no outs in the ninth inning and Jay Payton at second base.

I would be much happier about a 5-5 road trip that included stops in Anaheim and Seattle if it hadn't began 4-0. But I choose to focus on 5-5.

While I'm choosing to focus on 5-5 and be satisfied with it, that means I don't mind a team spinning its wheels when it's below .500. That's not good.

If I'm the Orioles, I don't even listen to offers for Nick Markakis. Or Steve Finley, Curt Schilling and Pete Harnisch if it's the Houston Astros on the line.