Good news for the Portland Trailblazers that they won the draft lottery. Too bad they'll pass on Greg Oden and select Sam Bowie.

Can everyone leave Hank Aaron alone? If he doesn't want to follow Barry Bonds around until his home run record is broken, paint a smile on his face and give a warm embrace, that's his right. At least he's being genuine.


You know how many Orioles faked enthusiasm and warmth when they "rushed" the field after Rafael Palmeiro collected his 3,000th hit in Seattle, and how many were relieved when the team canceled plans to honor him at Camden Yards? They had their reasons, Aaron has his own.

Former commissioner Fay Vincent, phoning into the Mike and Mike Show today on ESPN2, said it's doubtful that Bud Selig will be in attendance when the record falls.

"We will respect the record," Vincent said. "We won't honor it."

And that's their right.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Yankees slugger Jason Giambi failed an amphetamines test within the past year. But I'm sure he's already apologized and all is forgotten.

To clear up any confusion over the Orioles' attendance figures for each game, those are tickets sold, not fannies in the seats.

Adam Loewen said after last night's game that his left arm will be re-evaluated in about two weeks to determine how it's healing and perhaps get a better read on when he'll return to the active roster. He sounds encouraged.

If Miguel Tejada's consecutive-games streak is so important to the organization, it's time to DH him and give Chris Gomez a start at shortstop. Please.

I wasn't able to quote Daniel Cabrera after last night's game because he bolted before reporters were allowed inside the clubhouse. I figured this out when I didn't see his street clothes hanging in his locker. My reporter instincts pay off sometimes.

For what it's worth, his uniform pants didn't seem too upset about the loss.