Sorry about my disappearance. The wireless went down in this lovely press box, and I never recovered. Neither did my laptop.

I eventually found the slowest high-speed line in existance, and here I am.


Another no-name pitcher has become famous at the Orioles' expense. Left-hander Mike Bacsik, making his first appearance in the majors since 2004 with the Texas Rangers, blanked the Orioles over six innings.

Somewhere, Dallas Braden and Jesse Litsch are high-fiving each other.

The Nationals intentionally walked No. 8 hitter Corey Patterson in the second inning with Jay Payton on second base and two outs. They wanted to face Jeremy Guthrie, who grounded out to keep the game scoreless.

The Orioles chose to pitch to No. 8 hitter Nook Logan in the bottom half with two on and two outs. No sense loading the bases for Bacsik, I suppose. Logan doubled for a 1-0 lead that held up until the eighth.

I would have loaded the bases for Bacsik. But I also recognize that it's awfully early for such a strategy. Just not too early for the Nationals.

Aubrey Huff's sacrifice fly with the bases loaded tied the game in the eighth. He still hasn't hit into a double play this year. Amazing.

We know it's not because of his blazing speed.