Good news: Umpires just ruled that right fielder Ron Swoboda trapped Brook Robinson's fly ball in the '69 World Series. The Orioles actually won Game 4.

Other decisions I'd like to see reversed:


"Hey, I think we can get Glenn Davis if we convince Houston to take Curt Schilling off our hands!"

"Forget Davey Johnson. If we don't hire Phil Regan today, somebody else is gonna get him!"


"Forget Davey Johnson. Tell him to take his Manager of the Year award and don't let the door hit him on the way out!"

"You mean we can get Sidney Ponson back for only $22.5 million? It's like stealing!"

"I'm building the perfect baseball player using spare body parts. Somebody pass me Harold Baines' knees!"

"Welcome to OZ, Matt Riley. Yes, I'll grant you a wish, but unfortunately, I'm all out of brains. Would you settle for courage?"

"Nobody is offering David Segui more than two years? Make it four!"

"I honestly think we can get 162 games out of Marty Cordova! No, I don't mean over the length of his contract!"

"Forget your fastball, Armando. Marquis Grissom can't hit your slider!"

"Forget your fastball, Armando. Tony Fernandez can't hit your slider!"

New Coke (I know it has nothing to do with the Orioles, but bad idea)

Rocky V (See above)

"I absolutely refuse to trade B.J. Surhoff to the Braves unless they include Trinidad Hubbard! And I'm not bending on this!"

"When my daughter grows up, I hope she marries a man just like Albert Belle!"

"I know things have taken a nasty turn with my daughter and Albert, but he's certainly entitled to crawl under her car if he wants! Hang up the phone!"

"You want to do a little damage control and save your reputation, Raffy? Just blame the B-12!"

"If I'm you, Melvin, I'm bunting here!"

"Eddie Murray can wear a Dodgers cap to Cooperstown for all I care. This team isn't going anywhere without Juan Bell!"

"You mean we can get Brook Fordyce AND Jason Lakman? Do it!"

"I don't care if he's only a few minutes late and he called ahead. The team charter waits for no one – even Cal Ripken!"

"And with their first pick in the 2001 draft, the Orioles select pitcher Chris Smith."

"Choosing again in the first round of the 1999 draft, the Orioles select…"

"Why are we still wearing Baltimore on our road jerseys? We're not the Baltimore Baltimores! Get rid of it!"

"I know I've had a little too much to drink, wise-guy! That's why I gave my keys to Doug Johns!"

"I'm well aware that you demand peace and quiet on the road. That's why you're rooming with Kevin Millar!"

"You need an emergency starter for today's game? I've got two words for you: Richie Lewis!"

"Pitch every right-handed hitter inside. Make them pull the ball. Remember, we've got Jeff Stone in left field!"

"A home run would kill us right now. Get Bruce Chen up!"

OK, I'm spent. Feel free to jump in.

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