Hayden Penn's next start is scheduled for Friday, if the soreness in his right forearm area subsides.

As for the possibility that Penn could replace Jaret Wright if the veteran goes on the disabled list, Jim Duquette said, "He's probably not an option at this point."


Rob Bell, who pitched well enough in spring training to make the team, was sent to the minor league camp in Sarasota, Fla. because of an infected middle finger on his right hand.

If that happened to me, I wouldn't be able to drive.

Before Alberto Castillo picked off Carlos Guillen at first base last night, he signaled to first baseman Kevin Millar and had no idea whether the message got through.

"I never saw a response," Castillo said. "As soon as I got the pitch, I saw Millar on the bag. So he was sneaky."

Five Minnesota Twins stole bases against Castillo in the season's second game, but that had more to do with Daniel Cabrera's slow delivery. Wright is quicker to the plate, and Castillo threw out two runners.

"Daniel's so big, it doesn't matter if he goes with a slide step or not. They read his movements," Castillo said.

The first 20,000 fans attending Friday night's game will receive an Orioles knit beanie cap.

No pushing!