Baltimore Sun

Mail call

Once again, the system isn't allowing me to respond to your comments, so I quickly pulled out a few, just so you know that I'm reading them:

Robert Windsor: I am aware that the Orioles' losing streak coincides with them facing Dan Haren, Curt Schilling and Josh Beckett.


You left out Dallas Braden.

Terry P.: The Orioles still have their clubhouse chemistry. But it's been a whole lot quieter in there after the last four games.


Tom D.: I'm with you on the whole "location, location, location" rant concerning Chris Ray last night. He needed to stay away from Wily Mo Pena, rather than come inside. But I'll still sweat every time a dead fastball hitter stands in against a closer who relies so heavily on his fastball. Bad things happen.

O's Fan in San Fran: First of all, great name. Major props to you. Second, Charlie Manuel wants no part of me. But Lou Piniella probably would go toe-to-toe with me. I just have a feeling.

Scott G.: I didn't lock my keys in my car, but I was trapped inside for 45 minutes this morning. Weird.

Another blood memorabilia item: The jersey Orioles reliever Brian Burres wore the night he had the nose bleed on the mound.

Does Mitch "Blood" Green count?

I also could include all the napkins I used to slow the bleeding when I had lunch at Chicken Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale last month, after I accidentally opened a small cut below my bottom lip while standing in line.

Anita Marks and her mother pretended it wasn't a big deal and kept eating. Meanwhile, I've seen less blood in a slaughter house. I looked like Dan Aykroyd doing his Julie Childs impression on SNL.

"Always save the giblets."


And finally, just for the sake of accuracy, Brian Roberts never said he eats lunch at Hooters. He likes to eat his lunch outdoors at the Inner Harbor. Sometimes.

Meanwhile, Roger Clemens said he'll make a decision by the end of May where he's going to go.

I have a few suggestions.