It's cut night once again on American Idol. Once again, host Ryan Seacrest starts by asking if your favorite is going home, staring at Sanjaya Malakar as he does so. (I think Sanjaya says to him, "Why are you doing this to me?" after that.)

Of course, the next thing they're going to talk about is the confusion about "the look." He explains that he didn't hear Chris discuss Virginia Tech and he was in the middle of talking to Paula about the "singing through the nose" thing. He goes on: "I may not be the nicest person in the world, but I would never, ever, ever disrespect those families or those victims, and I felt it was important to set the record straight." Everyone cheers. (Hey, Bucky Covington is in the audience.) Then, just to prove it some more, they show the camera on Simon the whole time, and it's PATENTLY OBVIOUS that he was having a whole conversation with Paula the whole time Chris was talking. They show him saying, "I didn't get that, he said that as if he hasn't sung like that every week," etc. etc. So, are we all on the same page here now?


Back to the show! Or at least the filler. Did you watch last night? Then you don't need the recap. Except let's revisit Chris Richardson's great moment: "Nasally is a form of singing; I don't know if you knew that." That, my friends, is the moment when Chris lost me.

Ryan talks to people on the street in Hollywood. Including, randomly, BJ of the winning team from The Amazing Race 9. Then, it's the group sing, of "I'm All Right." In which, it's worth noting, Jordin and Melinda sound awesome.

Then there is a clip of all the contestants talking about their favorite music. Melinda says Fred Hammond and Kirk Franklin because she has "to get my Jesus on during the day ... because you come here and it's a hot mess with these people." Sanjaya says he's been downloading country and blues this week. Blake says Incubus. Jordin name-checks Fergie's "Glamorous." Chris says Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz. Phil says Willie Nelson. Chris again says his favorite thing in his CD player right now is Peter Noone. LaKisha says Yolanda Adams.

And hey, it's Fergie. And then the car commercial they have to do every week. And the "Idol Gives Back" segment. There will be a ton of performers next Wednesday.

Ryan's going to divide the contestants into two groups, one with the highest number of votes, one with the lowest. The groups are:

Sanjaya, LaKisha, Blake is one group.

Phil, Jordin, Chris is another group.

Ryan takes Melinda forward and tells her what the judges said about everyone. He finally tells her she is safe. Now, mind game, he wants her to pick the group she thinks is also safe. SO MEAN. She sits down in the middle of the floor. Go, girl! He tells her to slide to her left. Phil, Jordin and Chris are also safe.

Sanjaya's in the bottom three, y'all! Hope? But uh-oh, so's LaKisha. (And Blake.)

The kids go to DreamWorks to talk about Shrek. And Antonia Banderas is there. I want to see who's going home.

Martina McBride sings. She's good. Her daughter comes on stage and is adorable. After the break, the audience hopes Blake is safe, and he is.

With more than 38 million votes cast, per Ryan, SANJAYA IS GOING HOME. Aww, he cries after the montage. (By the way, Melinda is embracing LaKisha off to the side.) Ha! He changes the lyrics and sings, "Let's give em something to talk about ... other than hairrrrrrr." Yay, he has kept his sense of humor. He is going to need it after all this.