In case you were wondering...

Two updates for you:

Barbaro isn't doing well.


No, wait...he's doing better.

Stay tuned.


And shortstop Miguel Tejada is no longer "extremely contented." He apparently had slow service at a restaurant last night and is still mildly irritated.

Updates to follow.

If the guy gets stuck in traffic today, I'd make that trade with the Angels. Pronto.

You know that you're an important player when your happiness becomes national news. I bet Sal Fasano is smiling from ear to ear and nobody is reporting it.

For those of you who still need a Ravens fix, here is the list of unrestricted free agents: LB Adalius Thomas, FB Ovie Mughelli, DL Jarret Johnson, OT Tony Pashos, RB Musa Smith, S Gerome Sapp and DL Aubrayo Franklin.

There are three restricted free agents: WRs Devard Darling and Clarence Moore, and PR-KR B.J. Sams. And RB Jamal Lewis also could become a free agent if the Ravens cut him, as expected.

Thomas won't be happy if the Ravens slap the franchise tag on him. People close to him can confirm it. But the Ravens can't let him walk.

Smith might attempt to walk, but he'd probably pull a hamstring.


I challenged Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman to name his team's starting pitchers during yesterday's MASN Playmakers, and like everyone else in the organization, he got stuck after John Patterson.

"We need to have three or four guys step up," Zimmerman said, trying to sound optimistic.

The Nationals' winter caravan visits 12 cities later this month. Maybe they can pick up a few along the way.

I guess Rodrigo Lopez was too expensive for them. Otherwise, two pitchers who are projected as middle relievers in the majors would have been a small price to pay, given their need.