Since I was writing about appearances earlier, I made one this morning at the Eldersburg Denny's. They outbid Bob Evans for me.

And since we're talking about former Orioles, Arthur Rhodes has signed a minor league deal with the Mariners.


Remember when the Orioles wanted him to be a starter? Turns out, it wasn't good to have him sitting around for four days, thinking about his next appearance. And he sure wasn't a closer. Set-up suited him perfectly.

Catcher Fernando Lunar has returned to the Braves organization. He was part of Syd Thrift's 2000 trade that sent B.J. Surhoff to Atlanta for Lunar, pitcher Luis Rivera and outfielder Trenidad Hubbard.

Lunar hasn't played in the majors since 2002, when he appeared in two games for the Orioles.

Hubbard was best known in the Orioles' clubhouse for his massive arms. He walked around in sleeveless t-shirts to show them off, prompting former manager Mike Hargrove to jokingly refer to how swollen they were and that Hubbard might have come down with a virus or something.

Hubbard, who never got off the bench, replied: "Let me show you what these arms can do," and walked away. Hargrove mumbled, "I've seen what they can do" and continued to exclude Hubbard from the lineup.

Rivera was supposed to be the cornerstone of the trade, but he was damaged goods.

I'm sure the Braves had no idea.

The Cardinals signed Eli Marrero, who also had health issues once he joined the Orioles. He'd be a good bench player today, someone who could move around the field and catch in an emergency. And it would have to be an emergency, because he wanted nothing to do with the equipment while playing for the Orioles.

Jim Brower signed with the Pirates. He'll always go down as one of the nicest guys to ever wear the Orioles uniform, and one of their least-effective relievers.

And left-hander Damian Moss signed with the Giants, who should know better, since they pawned him off on the Orioles in the Sidney Ponson trade.

Yeah, that one worked out well for everybody. The stench still hasn't cleared.

Anybody seen Kurt Ainsworth lately?

Aaron Sele never became an Oriole after the results of his physical caused owner Peter Angelos to pull an offer off the table, but he'll always be linked to the organization. Sele has signed with the Mets.

The Mariners swooped in and signed Sele before the 2000 season after the Orioles passed on him because of concerns about his shoulder, causing Seattle general manager Pat Gillick to remark in a conference call with reporters that it was as if a star had fallen from the sky.


Speaking of pitchers, how can Jeff Weaver still be on the market? Is Scott Boras trying to get him Barry Zito money?

Reports have surfaced that the Mariners will offer Weaver a two-year deal.