Bordy and Rebs

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Trivia answer, which many of you guessed correctly: Sack Pack and Looney Tunes (the players' choice).

I remember feeling so betrayed when John Dutton complained about his contract and eventually joined the Dallas Cowboys. Breaking up is hard to do. When it happens to a front four, it's tough for all of us.


In a previous blog, I wrote about Cal Ripken moving to third base in 1997 to make room for Mike Bordick. Here's what Bordick says about the gesture:

"Cal was great through that whole transition period, and it was a transition for both of us, obviously. I just remember the very first day, not wasting any time and trying to help me learn our pitchers and what their tendencies were and where they threw the ball. And every year I played with him, he was always willing to help and to talk about situations and playing guys in certain spots. It made me a better player, that's for sure."


I also had a nice phone conversation earlier today with Jeff Reboulet, who was watching a replay of last night's Florida-Ohio State game. Reboulet attended LSU, which makes him a big fan of the Southeastern Conference. But he lives in Ohio.

A conflict?

Not for a former LSU Tiger.

"Not in my book," he said. "Maybe in Ohio's book."

Reboulet knew the Gators would contain Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith, the Heisman Trophy winner who was 4-for-14 with an interception.

"Florida's defensive backs deal with that kind of guy every weekend," Reboulet said of the fleet-footed Smith. "LSU has three of those guys. It's like they have a jet up their (butts)."

Meanwhile, the announcement of Cal Ripken's election to the Hall of Fame is only minutes away.

"He was a student of the game, he understood why things were going on, he analyzed, almost to a fault, everything that was going on," Reboulet said. "He had every angle covered. He thought it through at great length to make sure that everything going on was the right thing.


"I think some guys, they get an idea in their head and they just go with it, and that can get them into trouble. He wasn't that way."