Rookie backs break out

It took awhile, but Saints' rookie Reggie Bush finally had the monster game that fantasy owners have been waiting on all season. Against the 49ers, he accounted for 168 rushing/receiving yards and four touchdowns. Bush has 73 catches on the season and is averaging 7.7 yards per reception, but he showed his big-play ability Sunday by averaging 14.6 yards per catch. Meanwhile, Carolina's DeAngelo Williams, a less-heralded rookie running back, had a big game against the Eagles Monday night, accounting for 174 rushing/receiving yards and a touchdown.


Downgrading Denver

Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler certainly looked like a rookie in his NFL debut, going 10-for-21 for 143 yards and three turnovers. I wonder what conversations are like between Cutler and Jake Plummer. I liken the awkwardness to seeing your ex-girlfriend on a date with another guy at a restaurant she always told you she hated. You try to avoid eye contact, but she sees you, and you have to make small-talk while your mom orders drinks. And no, this has never actually happened to me. I swear.

One more thing on Denver. Did you see this story about Jason Elam convincing Mike Shanahan to attempt a fake field goal at the end of the first half? Shanahan hadn't called a fake kick in 12 years, but apparently, Elam got to him. The result was a 2-yard gain and a pulled hamstring for the veteran kicker. Odd stuff.

The kicker

I'd like to propose a rule-change for all fantasy leagues. No, I don't think players like Michael Vick who flick off the fans should get bonus points. My rule has to do with kickers. Shouldn't they get bonus points for clutch kicks? Seattle kicker Josh Brown has hit four game-winning field goals this season. That should count for something, and it makes kickers more relevant. You wouldn't just be able to draft guys on high-powered offenses or kickers that play in domes, but you'd need to think about their ability in the clutch. What do we think?

Tough to watch

Check out the numbers from Chicago's win over the Vikings. Rex Grossman went 6-for-19 for 34 yards and three interceptions against one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL. Wasn't this guy an MVP candidate after the first month of the season? Meanwhile, Brad Johnson wasn't much better, going 11-for-26 for 73 yards and four interceptions. He was pulled in the fourth quarter. For the record, I think Chicago has to stick with Grossman. It's too late in the season to make a change, and does anyone really think Brian Griese is the answer? You know the saying: Dance with the girl who brung you. Or something like that.

Monday night recap

I wouldn't get too excited about Jeff Garcia's 312-yard, three touchdown performance against the Panthers on Monday night. I give him credit for a gutsy effort, but I don't think Garcia holds much fantasy value the rest of the way. On a sidenote, is there some rule that national announcers have to make references to cheesesteaks, throwing snowballs at Santa Claus and Rocky Balboa every time they call a game in Philadelphia? I can't stand it. Think of some new material.

100-yard rushing club: LaDainian Tomlinson, Ladell Betts, Deuce McAllister, Tatum Bell, Edgerrin James, Larry Johnson, Jerious Norwood, Cedric Houston, Ahman Green

100-yard receiving club: Marvin Harrison,  Bush, Matt Jones, Mike Furrey, Santana Moss, Chris Chambers, Eddie Kennison, Torry Holt, Reche Caldwell, Donte Stallworth, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Tony Gonzalez, D. Williams

300-yard passing club: Peyton Manning, Marc Bulger, Jon Kitna, Jeff Garcia, Tom Brady