Instead of fighting over a new video board at Camden Yards, the Orioles have decided to use a giant Etch A Sketch. The only issue is deciding who will shake it between innings.

I'd love to feed your hunger for more Orioles news, but as I wrote yesterday, it's pretty quiet right now. Maybe Shannon Stewart. Maybe Craig Wilson. Maybe Aubrey Huff.


No chance at Barry Zito. And talks concerning Mark Mulder apparently have ended.

Bruce Chen and Russ Ortiz are still out there. So is Howie Clark, the last I checked.

How is Rodrigo Lopez still an Oriole? I was sure he'd be gone by now.

Maybe after Zito signs. There was plenty of interest during the winter meetings.

I enjoyed the discussions about John T-Bone Shelby's nickname. What's your all-time favorite among Orioles?

Cakes? The Blade? The Big Bopper? The King of Swing? The Hit Man? Disco Dan?

I'm guessing there won't be much love for Big Money.

Former President Gerald Ford is dead.

The sports connection?

He was a center on the University of Michigan football teams that won national championships in 1932 and 1933.

James Brown and Ford. Who will be the third?

Or did I miss somebody earlier?