Last week: 2-11

Overall: 49-71-7


Six-pack: 20-31-3

Six-pack: Baltimore, Detroit, Dallas, Miami, New Orleans, Washington


In the words of the late Tupac Shakur, The old way wasn't working so it's on us to do what we gotta do to survive. Ok, so maybe survive is going too far. It's not like my job's on the line or anything (at least not that I know of). After picking only two games right last week AND forgetting to pick the Monday night game, I think it's time to try something new for these picks. I used to describe what the difference in each game would be followed by a fantasy nugget. The problem? The difference was always wrong.

So this week, I'm just going to give you a little tidbit on each game and then make my pick. I seriously hope you've been picking the opposite of what I say each week. It's the only logical way to go. Without further ado, here is the more simple (but no less faulty) format:

Chiefs at Dolphins

You should know that... Larry Johnson does a tremendous Herm Edwards impression. Not only that, but he's run for 459 yards and six touchdowns in the last three games. On the other side, Ronnie Brown has run for over 100 yards in two of his last three games. Not sure about his Nick Saban impression though.

The pick: Miami (+1)

Texans at Jaguars

You should know that...Jacksonville has allowed 13 points in its last two games and lost, 27-7, to Houston three weeks ago. This has revenge game written all over it. David Garrard is not a bad fill-in starter this week, but I wouldn't recommend him as a regular play. Jacksonville has Garrard in there because he will manage the game and not turn the ball over--not because he will put up big numbers.

The pick: Jacksonville (-10.5)

Chargers at Bengals

You should know that...Ocho-Cinco is making a serious case for this year's most disappointing fantasy player. Think about it. The advantage of ranking him ahead of guys like Steve Smith was that he wasn't a risky pick. Johnson had posted at least 1,150 yards in four straight seasons and had caught at least nine TDs in the last three. Through eight games in 2006, he's totaled 483 yards and two touchdowns. No es bueno.

The pick: Cincinnati (+1)

Ravens at Titans

You should know that...It's time for reader Mike T.'s weekly bash:

Better ways we can pick games:

  1. Flip a coin.
  2. How about the best jerseys?
  3. Picking against the public majority.  Gamblers would know this term.
  4. Anything other than what you're doing now. Anything.

When you're watching games on Sunday, hopefully you're watching, do you laugh or look in shock and horror at what you're seeing on the ticker under the Baltimore game? Every week gets worse. At least they're still letting you pick games with your fantasy predictions.

Friendly advice: Take the four teams coming off the bye and go against the teams that played on Monday night. Last week, 6-0...

The pick: Ravens (-7)

Bills at Colts

You should know that...Anthony Thomas is back as a starter in the NFL! That's right, the A-Train (How do we feel about this nickname? We can just take the first initial of anyone's name, add Train to the end, and it becomes legitimate? I need a ruling on this) will start for Buffalo because of Willis McGahee's injury. Thomas, who ran for 1,183 yards and seven touchdowns as a rookie with the Bears, had 20 carries for 95 yards last week against the Packers. The Colts rank last in the NFL in rush defense, allowing 165 yards per game on the ground.

The pick: Indianapolis (-12)

Saints at Steelers

You should know that...Ben Roethlisberger is a very confusing fantasy option right now. He's thrown for 734 yards over the last two weeks, but has also been picked off seven times. As long as Pittsburgh continues to struggle, Roethlisberger should get plenty of passing opportunities.

The pick: New Orleans (+4.5)

Redskins at Eagles

You should know that...Mark Brunell is 4-0 against the Eagles. Joe Gibbs is 19-10 against Philadephia. And even when Washington was terrible and the Eagles were going to the NFC Championship every year, their games were still close. However, Andy Reid never loses after a bye. I like the Eagles, but not by a touchdown.

The pick: Washington (+7)

Bears at Giants

You should know that...Neither one of these teams is as good as NBC wants you to believe. The Giants barely got by the Texans last week. New York's pass rush (the single biggest factor in the team's success this season) has taken a big blow with inuries along the defensive line. Then there's Chicago, which has been outplayed by Miami and Arizona in two of its last three games. And we're supposed to buy the notion that these are the NFC's top two teams? The conference is wide open.

The pick: Giants (pick 'em)

Packers at Vikings

You should know that...The Packers are 0-4 this season when Brett Favre throws an interception. He has thrown seven on the season after being picked off 29 times last year.

The pick: Green Bay (+5.5)

Jets at Patriots

You should know that...New York has given up 13 rushing touchdowns on the season, the most of any team in the league. Random thought: Where do Bill Belichick's cut-off sweatshirts rank among classic, goofy outfits? Are they in the same class as Bill Cosby's sweaters, Seinfeld's jeans or A.C. Slater's tank tops?

The pick: New York (+10.5)

49ers at Lions

You should know that...The Mike Martz Theory has proved to be true in Detroit. Going into this season, many people suggested Kevin Jones, Jon Kitna, and Roy Williams would have big-time years. All three are among the top-7 fantasy producers at their position.

The pick: Detroit (-6)

Broncos at Raiders

You should know that...Javon Walker has emerged into a top fantasy wide receiver. He totaled 206 rushing and receiving yards and three touchdowns last week against the Steelers. Walker has reached 100 yards receiving in two of his last three games.

The pick: Denver (-9)

Rams at Seahawks


You should know that...It's too early to write off Seattle. Nobody is talking about the defending NFC Champions, but they are 5-3 and have played without Matt Hasslebeck and Shaun Alexander for much of the season. Check out some of the games remaining on their schedule: San Francisco (twice), Green Bay, Arizona, Tampa Bay. 10 wins is looking like a certainty.


The pick: St. Louis (+3)

Cowboys at Cardinals

You should know that...Dallas will be exactly what Dennis Green and Arizona thinks they are (Is this joke getting old yet? I say no.). Tony Romo threw for 284 yards and two touchdowns last week. He would have been over 300 if T.O. didn't have a crucial drop down the stretch. Romo is a good start this week against the league's 24th ranked pass defense.

The pick: Dallas (-7)