Trevor Berbick's 20-year-old nephew has been charged with killing the former heavyweight champion. So please don't complain about having relatives over for Thanksgiving. At least they won't be armed.

Derek Jeter a Gold Glove shortstop? Because he can leap in the air and throw at the same time?


Mike Mussina probably is rolling his eyes again, just as he does every time Jeter fails to reach another ground ball.

Omar Vizquel won his 11th Gold Glove as the National League's shortstop. He's joined by pitcher Greg Maddux (16th, tying Jim Kaat for most ever by a player at any position), first baseman Albert Pujols (first), second baseman Orlando Hudson (second), third baseman Scott Rolen (seventh), catcher Brad Ausmus (third) and outfielders Carlos Beltran (first), Andruw Jones (ninth) and Mike Cameron (third).

Maryland women's basketball coach Brenda Frese has accepted sports radio host Anita Marks' challenge to a game of one-on-one. The first person to 15 wins.

Marks is hoping the competition will take place during halftime of a men's game, perhaps on Dec. 13, but it sounds like Frese would prefer a more private setting.

During an earlier interview with Frese on ESPN Radio 1300, Marks expressed an interest in joining the practice team that goes up against the defending national champions. Frese responded, "Wouldn't that be a sight?"

Frese meant nothing by the comment, of course, but Marks loves a challenge. So she ran with it.

Now Frese will have to do some running on the court.

I watched Marks play once this year in a men's league at Towson University. She moved pretty well despite the knee brace and distributed the ball well, but it was hard to tell whether she really had game. And one-on-one is a whole different animal.

Frese, meanwhile, warns that she might not be in the proper condition.

The first one to 15? I'm not sure halftime is long enough.