Doing some recruiting

Orioles third baseman Melvin Mora was an in-studio guest today on The Anita Marks Show on ESPN Radio 1300 and MASN. He's pushing hard for the team to sign Luis Gonzalez and Aubrey Huff.

Gonzalez is a real possibility - moreso, I believe, than Huff. (Just don't quote me on that if Huff is taking his physical in Baltimore tomorrow).


Mora and Gonzalez spent time together in the Houston Astros' organization. Gonzalez has triplets. I'm sure Mora could recommend a good daycare provider. Or a nanny.

Mora contacted Carlos Lee and tried to steer him here.


A few more quick-hits from the luncheon:

I had chicken and rice soup and a nice flank steak, cooked rare.

OK, that's not what you want.

Executive vice president Mike Flanagan indicated that he speaks "almost daily" to owner Peter Angelos. More than three times a week.

He also expects more team executives to be meeting with other executives, rather than agents, at the winter meetings, since so many quality free agents already have signed. Players could be more easily obtained through trades.

The Orioles will have roster space available to add a Rule 5 pick, if they find someone worth taking. And they're definitely open to the idea.

As far as adding another outfielder, they're leaning toward giving someone a one-year contract and going after more free agents following the 2007 season. Three center fielders will be on the market - Andruw Jones, Vernon Wells and Torii Hunter. All three already are on the Orioles' radar.