Different sports, different opinions

The Bears or the Colts...which team is better?

Unless the Colts improve their run defense, I don't care how many points Peyton Manning can hang on a team. This will become an issue.


Then again, if Rex Grossman repeats his Monday night meltdown against the Cardinals, the Bears are toast.

Suddenly, I like the Giants.


The NBA has started up again. Didn't the Heat just have a victory parade about three weeks ago?

Pat Riley's still wearing the same hair gel from the night they clinched.

The Blast has won the MISL championship three of the last four years, which qualifies as a dynasty. Too bad there aren't more people who recognize it.

The BCS is predicting that Maryland's football team will go to the Independence Bowl. Just my luck. I already bought tickets for the Bob Evans Bowl. Or maybe it was Denny's.

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis says he talks to Bengals receiver Chad Johnson three or four times a week. Lewis apparently has every player in the NFL on speed dial. When does he have time to watch film?

I'll just come out and say it: The Orioles have interest in Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, but they won't sign him. If it could potentially cost them $30 million just to earn the right to negotiate with him...

Well, you know the rest.

Yankees or Mariners. They seem like the safest bets.


How would you feel about Scott Schoeneweis as a lefty in the Orioles' bullpen next season? You'll probably be reading his name quite a bit over the winter.

And I'll probably be misspelling it on a regular basis.

But hey, if I could master Scott Kamieniecki, anything's possible.